The Good Glitter is a biodegradable glitter company selling ONLY high quality naturally degrading glitters and ecofriendly alternative products. We strive to create awareness about plastic pollution, and continuously do our part to minimize our use of it.



About Brittainy - the owner
As a former soap maker, I know that a good loaf of soap isn't quite finished until its dusted with glitter. What I also know, is that finding actual GOOD alternatives to polyester glitters isn't easy. And just like that,  I became a part of the plastic pollution solution! I devoted my small amount of non-mom time to bringing awareness to plastic glitter and doing my part to make an impact on it. I run a one woman studio, creating mixes, packaging and bottling products, taking brand photos, designing our website, logos, labels and ads, filling orders, procuring customers, shipping orders, managing our inventories, our social media accounts and emails! Did I mention I'm also a mom of 2 girls and a wife? Whew! Dare I add hobbies too? I also enjoy raising caterpillars into butterflies, gardening and soap making!
I think its fair to say that glitter is loved by a lot of people, and I love knowing that I can supply a sustainable alternative to the world!

We will be experiencing longer than average processing times between Oct 23-30 due to scheduled short staffing. Thank you for your patience!

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