What you may not know about glitter is... its MESSY! 😂 The packaging process is rarely oops free.... but here at the Good Glitter we do our best not to waste! After thousands of packets and bottles filled, our "catch basins" end up full of perfectly useable glitter. Its a jumbled mix of colors and grains that SHOULDN'T be used for Cosmetic purposes as it can contain Bio-Art glitter (not Cosmetic grade) but is perfect for crafts, glitter bombing, and slimes.

Kaleidoscope - No Waste Glitter

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  • If you love glitter, and the environment, you are in the right place! It's almost certain that when using glitter, particles will end up in places other than were you intended. But never fear! The Good Glitter Art grade glitter is a beautiful, sparkling glitter made of biodegradable eucalyptus cellulose. Made with Bio-Glitter brand glitter, so you know you are getting a top quality product. Unlike other "biodegradable" glitters, the Good Glitter degrades naturally in wastewater because its eaten by the same hungry organisms that breakdown waste. Sparkle freely! Knowing you're using an eco-friendly alternative to plastic glitter! Art Glitter is a perfect for all of your craft projects!

    • Made with eucalyptus cellulose
    • Heavy metal free, softer than plastic glitter
    • Biodegrades naturally in wastewater
    • Shelf stable, doesn't dissolve
    • Vegetarian and cruelty-free

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