Puffer Bottle
Applying glitter just got easier with these must have glitter essentials. Dispense glitter evenly and easily by squeezing the bottle over your soap! - 4oz infinitely refillable bottle (unfortunately its plastic, but we haven't found a better option yet) - Use with cosmetic grade and Bio-Art glitters - Tip is big enough to dispense our biggest grains and mixes! (You can snip the tip for more flow) -Fill with as little as 1g of glitter!

Puffer Bottle

  • Organic Aloe Vera gel - is a skin safe adhesive perfect for applying glitter to the face. Just tap the gel onto your skin, then pat glitter into gel! It's so easy!

    While our gel should be great for all skin types, its always a good idea to do test patch on your skin to check for signs of irritation. Due to the nature of this product, Aloe gel should be used within one year of purchase.

    Organic Bamboo makeup brush - is 10cm long, perfectly compact for your makeup or festival bag!


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