Glitter for skin applications like makeup, face, bath and body.
Skin safe Bio-Glitter for your amazing bath creations!
Glitter for crafting!
Wax safe glitters for candles and melts!
Perfectly blended glitter mixes
Variety Sets
Discounted Sets to get you started, or help grow your biodegradable collection!
Custom Order
Let us make the perfect mix for you!
Discounted glitter! say no more!
Application Tools
Just the right tools for flawless cosmetic applications.
Project Smile
Remind your friends that they are the sparkle in your life with an uplifting SMILE card!
Glitter bombs
Send your friends or foes a super messy glitter card, packed with biodegradable glitter and an anonymous card.
Bulk Glitter
Got a big project? Want to make your own mixes? our Bulk glitters make sure you have enough for those big jobs.
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